Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Maker with Gluten Free Setting Review

All about the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker

Hamilton Beach is a company that makes very good kitchen appliances. One of the things they make is bread machines. They are known for making good products in this category and many others.

The Hamilton Beach bread machine is a good bread machine to use. It can make bread quickly and it’s reliable. This is a good bread maker for many different purposes.

Let’s take a look at the Hamilton Beach bread maker and see what makes it so special. It is one of the most affordable, yet top-rated bread machines on the market.

Highlighted Features

The Hamilton Beach bread maker is one of the most popular bread machine models because it offers a lot of value for the money. That might be why it’s so popular.

This product is not only affordable, but it also has great reviews and is of high quality.

12 Programmable Settings

The Hamilton Beach bread maker is special because it has 12 different settings that make different types of bread.

Some breads you can get are quick, French desserts and bread. You can also get cake and jam. There is even a setting for bread made of dough, gluten-free, and whole grain!

Loaf Sizes and Crust Control

You will be able to control the size of your loaf and the crust with 12 programmable settings.

There are two bread loaf sizes, a 1.5 lb bread loaf and a 2 lb bread loaf.

From the crust settings, you can choose from three different options: light, medium and dark.

If you have these three settings on your bread, you will be able to make a loaf that is perfect for you.

Dough Prep

One unique thing about the Hamilton Beach bread maker is that you don’t have to bake a bread loaf after you mix the ingredients.

You also just use it to mix and knead dough, which is really convenient.

It’s also possible to use the Hamilton Beach bread maker to make dough for making pizza dough, cakes, jams, croissants, and even flatbreads.

You can make a better dough that will be easier for you to use. It will save you time and energy.

LCD Display

The Hamilton Beach bread maker is a machine that is easy to use. It has a large LCD display at the front of the machine that makes it easy to see what you are doing.

This guide will help you choose the right programs and settings for your baking needs. Plus, it will keep you updated on the progress of your baking.

The Hamilton Beach bread maker has six buttons next to the LCD display. This makes it easy to select the type of bread you want to make and to prepare it. The machine will take care of the rest for you.

Choosing cycles, crust color, and loaf sizes is easy with a few buttons and a guidance of the LCD display.

Delay Timer

Most bread machines have a delay timer these days. I would not recommend you to buy a machine that doesn’t have this feature.

With this feature, you can program your bread to be ready when you wake up or come home from work.

The delay timer allows people to wake up in the morning and already have a loaf of bread waiting for them.

Just make sure that if you want to use this feature, you set the machine correctly before you go to sleep!

I enjoy utilizing a delay timer so that when I wake up, a freshly baked bread loaf is waiting for me.

Easy to Clean

The Hamilton Beach bread maker is easy to clean and maintain. This is because it has several features that make it easy to keep clean.

First, a non-stick coating is put on the bread pan. This prevents the dough from sticking to it.

Second, all the removable parts are dishwasher safe. This means that you will not have to spend a lot of time cleaning the Hamilton Beach bread machine yourself.

And finally, it comes with two kneading paddles. This is convenient because the bread maker only uses one at a time. That means that if one is dirty, that’s ok because you’ll have another clean one.

Audible Reminder

If you like to mix fruits and nuts into your dough, an audible reminder will tell you when it is time to add the ingredients.

If you prefer to mix the ingredients at a later time, that is fine. However, if you want to accomplish all of your goals in one mixing session, then keep reading!

This method guarantees that you will include everything just as soon as it’s convenient during the mixing and dough-making process. You’ll also never forget to add them!

Quality Build and Good Design

The Hamilton Beach bread maker is composed of two materials: stainless steel on the inside and durable plastic on the outside.

At first glance, this bread maker looks sleek, mostly because of its black color. This makes the machine look cool.

The Hamilton Beach feels very premium and durable. It also has non-slip feet at the bottom so it will not move around on whatever surface you put it on.

It’s also on the smaller side and therefore will fit in any kitchen, regardless of where you put it.


Almost everyone likes getting accessories with the product they buy.

You get a few extras when you buy the Hamilton Beach bread maker.

It comes with a measuring cup and spoon, two kneading blades (so you’ll get one clean while the other is in use), and two recipe books.

The measuring cup and spoon set are made of metal. They feel sturdy and durable. Plus, they’ll last you a very long time.

You get two kneading blades with the Hamilton Beach bread maker because you’ll be switching them out quite often.

When one is dirty, just take it out and put in the clean one that was stored away in your drawer!

Recipe books for gluten-free bread and whole-grain bread are made by Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods.

Wrapping Up with the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker

The Hamilton Beach bread maker combines all of the features of a bread machine into one unit, making the user interface simple and allowing you to choose from a wide range of bread types with ease.

The price it sells for is very affordable, and considering the value of the product, it could be priced even higher than it currently is.

It’s also the reason why it’s such a great breadmaker for everyone from novices to experts.

It’ll save you time, money, and electricity by making your own loaves of bread instead of buying them from a store.

You can also program the machine so that when you wake up or come home from work, your bread will be fresh and ready for you.

This bread maker is very easy to clean because of its dishwasher-safe components, non-stick coating on the bread pan, and two kneading blades.

You get a couple of extra accessories with the bread maker in case you lose any of them or your bread machine breaks one of them.

Lastly, this is a great bread maker for people on any diet because it can make gluten-free and whole-grain loaves of bread with ease.

The only downside to the product that I’ve found is that it doesn’t include a viewing window as other models do.

However, this does not affect the performance.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that you give the Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Maker a shot!