How to Clean a Bread Machine

Tips and Tricks on how to clean a bread machine

If you want your bread machine to last a long time, be sure to care for and maintain it. Different appliances need various levels of attention, including your breadmaker. If you don’t know how to proceed, keep reading.

Let’s get started!

Unplug The Breadmaker

Start cleaning your bread machine before you use it. Make sure the machine is unplugged. Brush away any crumbs or flour on the side of the bread machine with a small brush. Don’t scrub, just gently brush away the surface of any powder/dirt buildup on top of the machine.

When all of the dried-up residue has been removed, you may notice some dough clinging to the pan. If it’s still moist, wait for it to dry before cleaning so that your efforts are more efficient. You must avoid using water in the machine since this can harm the heating components.

Liquid Spill

If there is a liquid spill, obtain a clean cloth, ideally a microfiber one. Soak the cloth in a bowl of warm water and add some detergent, then squeeze out any excess moisture until it is damp but not dripping wet. Gently sweep the affected areas and clean the bread machine until no more crusty flour or liquid spill can be seen inside. Then rinse the cleaning cloth with warm water and wipe it inside the machine to remove the detergent.

In addition, the heating elements must be cleaned in the manner described above. If you ignore them, you run the risk of a fire. So, take a wet cloth and wipe down the heating components along their length. Repeat until no dirt can be seen on them. Because heating elements are delicate components that must be handled with care, use a light touch when cleaning so as not to harm them.

The Bread Pan

The bread pan is rather simple to clean. Because most pans are non-stick, little food particles adhere to it. One good rinse restores it to like new condition. But if something gets trapped in there, grab the bread pan and fill it with soapy water until the stickiness softens and leaves a residue. Allow it to drain and dry completely before replacing it in your oven or grill. It might be dangerous if you put it back in without first drying it out.

You can even place your bread pan in the dishwasher only if it’s dishwasher safe. It is safe and easy, but most bread pans aren’t dishwasher safe, so check your bread machine manual before you do this.

Read the Manual

Bread machines are occasionally supplied with their own cleaning methods. They’re usually mentioned in the user guide. If there are any, follow them. If not, this easy technique will work for all bread machines.

Make sure the machine is completely dry before using it. After cleaning, don’t use the device right away. Let it dry fully first. Use mild chemicals sparingly inside the bread maker or bread pan to avoid damaging the protective finish or non-stick surface coatings.


If you use your bread machine, be sure to clean it. Doing so will preserve the bread maker and give you tasty bread every time.

Now that you know how to clean a bread machine, get out there and get baking!

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