How to Use a Breadmaker

Are you a breadmaker rookie?

You may think of bread machines as some kind of magical contraption where flour, water, yeast, sugar are shoved together to create a towering loaf of bread all by itself in around an hour or so. But there are certain tips you need to keep in mind if you want perfect results every time with your breadmaker.

The Basics of Breadmaker Use

One of the first things any reasonable person would do is look at the user’s manual that came with the bread maker. Take it and start digging. Start by learning about the basics, such as how the lid opens, explores the control panel, and buttons, examines the utensils supplied, understands how the machine works, and so on.

Before you turn on the bread maker, familiarize yourself with all of these things. We suggest that you don’t try new things before you have a basic understanding of the machine. Before going on to pressing its buttons, get comfortable with the device.

Because the bread maker is hot while it’s in use, you can’t really touch while it’s running. So double-check that you have all of the parts listed below and that you know what each one does before you get started.

Bread Bucket’s Capacity

It is not good to try and make 2 pounds of bread in a 1 pound bread maker. Some bread makers do not state clearly what their capacity is. If this happens, use another machine, or make the dough into a loaf shape instead of a round shape.

To avoid it, obtain a measuring pan and fill the bucket with plain water. Check how many cups you used to fill it up when it’s full. However, be sure to measure it accurately each time.

Breadmaker Settings

Go back to the user handbook and open the settings page. Now, let’s take a look at the control panel. Most of them come with basic controls such as start/stop, arrow buttons crunch settings, and timer. This isn’t complicated since most of them are fairly simple to understand; however, some machines have extra features, so check your user handbook if you don’t know what they’re called.

We will be using ingredients for bread, which are:

  • Dry yeast
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Water (room temperature)
  • Fats

It doesn’t matter what order you put in ingredients in when using a bread machine. But you should use the delay cycle if you are going to put all of them in at once.

  1. Pour in liquids.
  2. Add flour in a way that it’s over the water and seals it.
  3. Add dry ingredients such as milk, sugar, salt, and others.
  4. Make a small ditch in the center and add the yeast, so it doesn’t touch the liquid.

Now place the bread pan in the machine. Choose a cycle, and calculate how long it will take. Set the timer to go off when it is done baking.

When you’re ready, hit start!


It’s really easy, isn’t it? We understand how people can get overwhelmed when they’re first learning, so we’ve made things as simple as possible. If your bread doesn’t come out the way you planned, don’t be concerned. Practice makes a man perfect, and with some practice, you’ll be an expert!