Perfect Pound Cake Recipes for your Bread Maker

If you want to make a delicious pound cake in your bread machine, try one of these recipes

The pound cake is made to be simple! You simply add a pound of everything that goes into cakes and bake it.

Is there anything more to it? Not all pound cakes are created equal, and there’s a lot more to this seemingly straightforward dessert than meets the eye.

Our pound cake has texture, a simple flavor, and good satisfying quality.

Almost everyone has had a childhood memory of cake. Everyone has their own idea about what a cake should look and taste like.

On the other hand, we have machines to do our work now. So you should use your bread machine to make your pound cake.

Plus, life is too short to just eat one version of the pound cake. Here are a few different ways you can make yours using the bread machine.

Simply put your ingredients in, turn on the oven, and be reminded that you have a cake waiting for you. The smell of the dough baking will fill your home.

If you currently don’t have a bread machine or if you think you might need a new one, start here with this article about the best-rated bread machines.

Simple Pound Cake by Daily Delicous

It is best to start with the basics when making a pound cake in your bread maker.

This includes following the recipe, measuring the ingredients correctly, and using the right settings on your machine.

This is a good way to learn how your bread maker works. It will taste better and be even tastier.

This is a good recipe for people who don’t want to make things complicated. There are many people who like the old, tried-and-true, simple recipe.

A simple pound cake is not only a favorite but is very versatile when it comes to when you use it and how you can eat it.

A simple pound cake is good with:

  • Ice cream and fruit
  • Custard and berries
  • Pepper jelly and whipped cream

And can also be eaten warm, cold, frozen, or at room temperature.

This recipe is enough for people who just want to make a straightforward, no-frills cake.

Honey Pound Cake by CookPad

The secret to this amazing recipe is honey. Not much of a secret, since it is in the title, right? Well, there is another trick to it and that is the bread mix.

When you add the mix into your recipe, you can skip sieving your flour. It just tastes better since the flour in it is much finer.

Naturally, while adding the ingredients of the bread into the bread pan, add the dry ingredients first and the liquid in the middle after.

If your baking machine has a Cake setting, use it. If not, use the setting that makes white bread.

Depending on the machine’s strength, you might also want to use the Quick setting.

This recipe makes a soft cake that is great for making desserts or snacks. You can eat it warm, cold, freeze it, or keep the leftovers at room temperature.

It’s also really simple to make if you want an easy pound cake recipe!

Chocolate Cake by Tastes From Home

The first thing that comes to mind is chocolate, of course. This delicious pound cake is heaven for all chocolate fans.

The dark chocolate ganache on top is just the extra little bit to make it irresistible.

It’s a little, soft chocolate loaf that you can enjoy with tea or coffee, and it’s even delicious topped with cream.

This chocolate pound cake is best when it’s completely cooled and even somewhat frozen.

A cream topping or perhaps a scoop of vanilla ice cream might be used to break up the intense chocolate taste.

There are many possibilities for this recipe because it can be made in different ways that will give it a unique flavor.

Starbucks Lemon Loaf by Starr Planet

Many individuals are attempting to duplicate that wonderful lemon pound cake from Starbucks.

We all know what’s in it, to some extent, but something about it tastes better in a café than at home.

If you know how to do it right, you can make your own at home.

This is a very simple recipe that will provide you with the closest version of that great Starbucks cake.

You can make this recipe in your bread machine because you’ll be putting all ingredients into the pan and letting it do its thing. There’s no need to mix or sift anything!

This is another very easy pound cake recipe that’s perfect for making a great treat even if you don’t have much time on your hands.

It’s time you tried to make it yourself, isn’t it? Even better, start with this fantastic recipe tweak it to your own preferences and see if you can do a better job.

You will have a nice, citrus cake with an amazing glaze that makes the cake taste even better.

Lemons add a unique and interesting twist to the sweetness of most foods. They are perfect for those days when you want something different.

Simple Apple and Cinnamon Pound Cake by Houstonia Mag

The flavors of winter are apple and cinnamon. They evoke images of warm blankets, crackling fires, icy winters, and pleasant afternoons with hot tea.

Baked goods are a great way to enjoy tea or coffee. This apple cinnamon pound cake is especially good because it is easy to make with a bread maker.

The taste of this cake will depend on the type of apples you choose. Granny Smith apples have a tangy flavor, while Fiji apples are sweet.

For this cake, Pink Lady apples are best. But why don’t you experiment with other kinds of apples and see what works for you?

Wrapping up

These easy to make pound cake recipes are best served warm with tea or coffee. They go very well with cream and berry toppings.

They can also be frozen, plain or topped with ice cream for a cold treat.

These simple recipes will definitely give you something delicious to look forward to!

Remember that when you are making a pound cake in your bread machine, you might need to change the type of flour you are using.

If your cake doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, try a different type of flour. You will eventually find the kind of flour that works best for you.

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