T-fal Actibread Bread Machine Review

All about the T Fal Actibread Bread Machine

The t-fal actibread bread machine is a great option for people who are looking to buy their first bread maker. It’s pretty inexpensive but does have some of the features that more expensive bread machines have.

The blacktop and stainless steel housing of the T-fal Actibread bread machine are two of its most distinctive elements. It comes with up to 15 pre-programmed recipes, as well as 3 gluten-free alternatives. Here’s a high level overview of some of its features.


  • You may use 15 distinct bread-making settings.
  • There is a viewing window
  • The LCD screen shows you the timer, program number, and loaf size.
  • Dimensions: 16.1*12.5*14 inches
  • One kneading blade
  • The bread pan is coated with a nonstick finish.
  • Three crust color setting
  • You can make 3 loaf sizes of 1, 1 ½ and 2 pounds
  • 15-hour delay start timer
  • 1-hour keep-warm convenience function
  • Power consumption; 700 Watts
  • It comes with various accessories


The bread maker features a stainless steel exterior and a black top. It may be placed on any kitchen counter since it is small enough to fit in any kitchen space. It has a weight of only 13.2 pounds, making it easy to move around.

The control panel has big buttons with clear lettering on them, which is great for identifying the function of the buttons. There’s also a light indicator when the bread maker is switched on.


The T-fal Actibread is the first model by T-fal to include a nonstick bread pan. The baguette tray does not fit in this model’s baking chamber. The T-fal Actibread comes with 15 preprogrammed menu choices; see what menus are available in the T-fal Actibread.

  • Gluten-free cake
  • Rapid sweet bread
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Salt-free bread
  • Rapid bread
  • French bread
  • Sweetbread
  • Bread dough (Kneading and Rising)
  • Cake
  • Jam
  • Pasta
  • Cooking only (10-70 minutes)
  • Gluten-free sweet bread
  • Rapid whole wheat bread
  • Gluten-free bread

There are many programs to choose from when making bread with this bread machine. You can make regular bread, whole wheat bread, or sweet bread quickly using the three rapid settings.

These programs reduce the baking time by an hour. This is very convenient for people who are in a hurry to bake bread. There are two automatic settings that make whole wheat bread.

In the manual, there is only one recipe for making whole wheat bread. This might confuse some people who want to make rapid whole wheat bread and normal whole wheat bread. The loaves can be of three sizes; 1, 1 ½ and 2 pounds.

If you enjoy white bread, you’ll be disappointed to learn that the T-fal Actibread bread machine does not include a white bread automatic menu program, but we discovered a recipe for white bread in the handbook.

The French bread technique, on the other hand, delivers comparable outcomes when it comes to producing white bread. The bread pan is secured in place by locking springs and simply needs to be turned when releasing. It’s constructed of non-stick ceramic, so removing the loaf and cleaning up are a snap.

When you select the dark crust color setting, the dark crust color setting made the crust too dark. We advise you to use light or medium crust color settings instead.

The Manual

The manual is important for first-time users. It contains information and recipes on how to use the bread maker.

At first, it looked like the manual was only in French. But when we scrolled further down, we found the English version from pages 18-31. To get the manual, you can download it from the T-fal website.

The package that you received has 25 recipes, 15 more than the downloaded version.

The instructions for the gluten-free bread were clear and easy to follow, even for beginners. However, one potential downside is that you are not able to customize your ingredients when making gluten-free bread using the 3 gluten-free bread programs.

Included Accessories

This is a good set of accessories for making bread. It has all the things that you will need to make high quality loaves.

  • Measuring spoon
  • Kneading blade removal hook
  • Extra kneading blade
  • Recipe book containing 25 recipes
  • Measuring cup
  • Kneading paddle

When it comes to bread, most people are undecided about whether or not to remove the kneading paddle. The kneading paddle in most bread makers is baked into the loaf. When the baking process is completed, simply remove the kneading paddle with a paddle hook. When removing the kneading paddle from a baked loaf, use the removal tool.

The Warranty

The T-fal Actibread bread machine comes with a one year limited warranty period. During this period, your bread machine is covered for manufacturing defects. Only replacing and repairing faulty parts are in the warranty, any other damage voids the warranty agreement. Always keep your receipt or any other proof of purchase to claim the warranty.

Things we liked

  • The control panel is easy to understand.
  • The viewing window on the lid is a great way to see the mixing and baking process.
  • The design looks modern.
  • The bread pan is held in place by a ring instead of springs like other models.
  • If you are in a hurry, the automatic settings on this oven will reduce the baking time for you by one hour.

Things we didn’t like

  • No automatic fruit and nut dispenser.
  • Because of the bread pan shape, the loaves produced are vertical in shape.

Final Words

We found the T-fal Actibread Bread Maker easy to use and operate. The machine has a user-friendly control panel. We also liked that it came with a recipe book. The T-fal 72110001527 Actibread Bread Maker is a good choice for beginners because it is lightweight and fits well on your kitchen